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Tim Pham & Katie Vu

When we decided to sell one of our Vacation Rentals, we contacted Powers Realty Group to handle the sale.  We called them because they had just sold the highest priced property in Sherwood Village, the complex where our property was located.  During our first meeting, Keith explained how to sell our rental property as a 'business' and how to fairly value it from an investor's perspective.  After some consideration, we listed our property with them.  Within two weeks, we received and accepted an offer over our asking price.  Unfortunately, the offer fell out of escrow because the buyer was concerned about the HOA rules.  After that, there were many showings, but no offers at the price we wanted.  At that point, we asked Keith to stop showing our property for about a month.  Then, Keith provided some coaching on what we could do to make our property more appealing.  After a few minor changes, Keith started showing our property again.  Within a couple of weeks, we accepted an offer for $10K more than our asking price.  We really appreciated the tenacity that Keith showed during the process.  We definitely plan to use him again when we decide to sell another one of our income properties.

Collin Vu

5 stars. I had a chance to work with Keith and Anda on the recent sale of my vacation rental in Anaheim,California.

Prior to selling I was somewhat apprehensive that someone could sell the property "as a business" with a price that would reflect the greater time and money invested in starting up the vacation rental. In addition I wanted someone who would be familiar with the process of transferring a business as opposed to the conventional sale of an empty house.

Keith is a true professional and after speaking with him I was very confident that things would be done efficiently. Selling a vacation rental certainly has a different pace than a conventional house sale. Within days of making a decision to sell we had a schedule for showing and within a few days of showings we had several exceptionally strong offers. The business itself was minimally interrupted. I think this is due to the fact Keith and Anda have a strong network of prospective buyers and realtors for this sort of transaction and I would be surprised if there were many realtor groups that could facilitate this sell with such good results

In the end I would highly recommend Keith and Anda. They sold my vacation rental at a price higher than any realtor could obtain as a standard sale and the process was streamlined and smooth.